Everyone is familiar with the AgentPress Pro theme, It uses a featured section on top of the homepage. We can use only the background image in the background. But in case if we need a video background to make the website more attractive.
I am creating this post to help others so they can add video background in place of the image.

Step 1: Add plugin Code Snippet

Go to website admin > plugins > add New > Code Snippet.

Step 2. Create New Snippet

Website Admin > Snippets > Add New.

Use the below code to create a new snippet. Note: Don’t copy the start php tag 

Step 3. Upload Video

Now upload the video in Customizer.

You can find the video uploader in the customizer section Background Video.

You can simply import this snippet in code snippet plugin and activate it.


  1. The download links in step 1 and 3 do not work.
    Could you help me?

    1. Mohit Chawla says:

      Hi Eduardo,
      We just updated the blog to make it compatible with the latest AgentPress theme update.

      1. Hello.
        I already tried the snipett and uploaded a video and it works perfect!
        Very grateful for your contribution. You’re great!
        Greetings from Medellin, Colombia

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